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Welcome to Rota


Nicknamed “Nature’s Treasure Island,” Rota is known for its sweet potatoes and coconut crabs. If not the local delicacies, Rota’s people will soon charm you with their smiles and hospitality. A sense of family will soon overtake you. Dip your toes in the Swimming Hole or book a round of golf. The Wedding Cake Mountain and Rock Art are sights to behold, all accompanied by ceaseless songs of local birds.

Rota will entrance all visitors with its wealthy of natural and cultural beauty. A wide variety of diving sites feature wall dives, underwater wrecks, and coral formations.  For those who want to spend time on land, you can visit the Bird Sanctuary, and fascinating historic sites like the As Nieves Latte Stone Quarry, where latte stones come alive.

Welcome to Tinian


Home of the annual Tika festival, Tinian is a neighboring island of Saipan easily accessible through a short hop on a plane. Stretches of secluded beaches await your footsteps. The crystal water, colorful marine life, and pristine coral reefs surrounding the island offer excellent snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing.

Explore Tinian’s rich historic sites. See pre-historic remains of ancient indigenous Chamorro culture, including the ruins of the House of Taga. World War II relics abound, including the Atomic Bomb Pits and administrative buildings. During WWII Tinian had the busiest airport in the world, and you can still drive those extensive runways today that played a pivotal role in the dramatic war.

Welcome to Saipan


Saipan, as the capitol, is the largest and most heavily populated island among the Northern Mariana Islands. This tropical paradise offers beautiful white sand beaches with crystal clear water and pure, fresh air. Warmth is in the air and in the people you will meet. It is a throwback to slower-paced life coupled with modern hotels, incredible sights, and shopping. Garapan is the epicenter of activities with many restaurants, bars, and shopping options.

Although only about 12 miles long and 5.5 miles wide, Saipan has over 3,000 year history. The array of natural life encased in double rainbows if you are lucky, makes the Northern Mariana Islands a magical destination. The Chamorro and Carolinians welcome you to these islands with open arms.