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Tour Guide Certification


The Marianas Visitors Authority is proud to announce the start of our new Tour Guide/ Tour Operator Certification Program!

With our new program, we will set the bar for premium tourism services – mainly, ensuring that our visitors have an authentic, safe, and memorable vacation. Tour operators and guides will receive training in various aspects of the tourism industry including customer service and site safety. All guides and operators will also receive up-to-date statistics and information that’ll give them an edge in our fast-paced, high-demand industry.

Click this link to download the Certification Application. This Link will lead you to our Certification Fact sheet.

Our Certification Manager is ready to help you stay ahead of the game!

For more information, contact the MVA at +1 670-664-3200/3201, or through our website’s contact form.

Welcome to Tinian


Home of the annual Tika festival, Tinian is a neighboring island of Saipan easily accessible through a short hop on a plane. Stretches of secluded beaches await your footsteps. The crystal water, colorful marine life, and pristine coral reefs surrounding the island offer excellent snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing.

Explore Tinian’s rich historic sites. See pre-historic remains of ancient indigenous Chamorro culture, including the ruins of the House of Taga. World War II relics abound, including the Atomic Bomb Pits and administrative buildings. During WWII Tinian had the busiest airport in the world, and you can still drive those extensive runways today that played a pivotal role in the dramatic war.

Beautify My Marianas


The Marianas is a chain of glistening gems in a cerulean sea. What makes it even more admirable is when the people who call it home come out and make them shine even more!

The Marianas Visitors Authority welcomes all school-sanctioned clubs, sports clubs, and other organizations to lend a hand and earn some CASH!

Click HERE to apply for the Beautify My Marianas Program.

For more information, please contact our Product Development Specialist Mrs. Naomi Santos at +1 670 664-3200/3201,, or via our website’s Contact Form.