Saipan, Tinian and Rota each present a wealth of historic, cultural and geographic sites.

Each location highlights the unique richness of The Marianas. The best part is, you can easily visit a number of significant sites in a single day due to the intimacy of these small islands.

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Here's a list of the island's beautiful beaches for you to enjoy!

Historical Sites

There's no shortage of historical sites for you to explore and appreciate!

Hikes + Walks

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Managaha Island FEATURED BEACH

Managaha Island teems not only with crystal clear waters and schools of fish that cannot be seen anywhere else, it also boasts of legends as a memorial site of Carolinian Chief Aghurubw who established the first Carolinian settlement on Saipan in 1815. Read More…


Built by community and surplus building materials supplied by the U. S. military, the present Mount Carmel Cathedral sits on the pre-war Japanese sugar mill (NKKK) site. With beautiful stain glass windows and flavor all its own, Mount Carmel Cathedral has been serving as the religious and social center of the island since 1949. Read More…

Froilan C. Tenorio Beach Road Pathway FEATURED WALK

The Beach Road Pathway stretches approximately 3 miles along Saipan’s western coast, offering an unparalleled walking or running excursion along a picturesque route. Read More…